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0049 collaborative music

collaborative music
colors of music

p.s. : we're gonna reach 50dfk and 1 month!

0048 deep fountains

deep fountains
a maz ingly deep



0045 rope contests

who is fighting who?
color ropes to match teams

0044 clock tower

clock tower
match the one of the 3 gears
bring it up in the tower




0039 Teeth party

Teeth party
match the teeth in the bubbles above
find 5 differences

0038 Preferred food

Preferred food
Connect the points to see
choose the appropriate food
match the buble missing parts for the roads


0037 Underwater maze

Underwater maze
Get the fish down to the castle up

0036 Drawing contest

Drawing contest
6 differences please

(again "integrated into design watermarks", to be less annoying)


0035 spider family

Help the spider to the spider family
(with the new "integrated into design watermark", to be less annoying)

0034 broken toys

broken toys
match the parts for the toys
point them to the right mazes


0033 sky castles

sky castles
find 9 differences
the sky is the limit


0032 tree lady

match the birds in the picture
may wanna color the leaves and lady to better see the empty spaces


0022 apples too high

apples too high
unite points to see, and maybe color?

0021 Complicated cheese

Help the mouse trough the maze
match some bricks on the path
match the key to open the doorway to cheese

0020 industrial acorn

industrial acorn
match the gears in the right to make it work


0019 building parts

building parts are in the right
match missing pieces, and color

0018 underwater mystery

underwater mysteryous character
unite the numbered points and color to make it nice and clear

0017 Mouse and 2 pulleys

Mouse has to untie 2 pulleys.
Tip: color the strings for easy following



0014 Circus puzzle

Cut the squares and then, puzzle time

0013 Space landscape

Space landscape
just something to color and maybe to add to

0012 Robots doctor

Robots doctor
match the parts with the robots
there is a maze for each, better use color to see clearer

0011 Dress up fairies

Fairies flower
Color it, match the hats, the rings and wands



0006 Happy mice maze

Complete the mazes with the missing pieces in the right

0005 Surprise bear box

Just something to color

Or add your own ideas to

0004 Complicated way home

Complicated way home to fly

0003 Rabbit pot

There are 5 differences
Tip: mark diff with colors, maybe number them


0002 Brave Bear

There are 6 differences. Also something to color.
Tip: mark diff with colors, maybe number them

0001 Bear maze

Help the bear!
Tip: color the roads to make it easier

click on the drawing for full size and download